The Wizarding World has captured the hearts and imaginations of children and adults alike. Enesco Studios celebrates the iconic characters, creatures and charms from the beloved HARRY POTTER™ films and invites you to take part in the magic.

Home Décor

Bring the Wizarding World to your everday home decor with our delightful designs.

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Highly detailed or adorably cute, add these fantastic figurines to your shelves!

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Movie Scenes

Bring magical movie moments to life in your home with our lit building series.

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Harry Potter CastleHarry Potter Castle

Magical Movie Moments

Harry Potter Village | Hogwarts Astronomy Tower | Lighted Buildings
Harry Potter Village | Hogwarts Great Hall & Tower | Lighted Buildings
Coming Soon
Harry Potter Village | Dementor | Village Figures
Harry Potter Village | Hermione In Her Dress Robes | Village Figures
Harry Potter Village | Madam Malkin's | Lighted Buildings
The Dark Arts

The Dark Arts